9 June 2016

Planning Update June 2016

Just popping in briefly as today was the day! I received an email from Disney holidays this morning and thought I would have a look on the off chance to see if our reservation had linked to MDE, and it was! We are 480 days out for anyone wondering when theirs might be linked. We now have a new booking number too which is completely different to the confirmation number we were assigned when we booked.

Our resort and ultimate tickets are showing, and at one point was saying we only had quick service dining, but when I went in and changed the kids ages (they were still showing as 14 and 4 from our last trip), it started showing as "UK Package - free dining". For some reason my year of birth is still showing as 1900. I'm pretty sure I'm not 116 years old so will need to call sort that at a later date!

We went into customise our magic bands too. I really can't decide between red and purple. For now I'm having red, but will probably change my mind a hundred times before we go!

Paul and I went to Milton Keynes yesterday and I found this pretty cool T-shirt in Primark which I'm going to travel in. I'll probably take a spare vest top in my hand luggage in case it's too hot when we arrive in Orlando.

I also bought a little strappy top for Amelia with a sort of African print which I thought would be nice when we have dinner at Boma one night, and the bottoms to go with the Alice in Wonderland pyjama top I bought last time (see previous post).

I have started to think about possible reveals for the kids. Part of me wants to tell them before 1st September 2017, so they have a 4 week countdown, can choose their magic band colours, etc. And the other part of me would love to surprise them on the day that we go! We're thinking of travelling down to Gatwick on Sunday afternoon, so we could get the packing done while they stay at their grandparents on Saturday night maybe, and then tell them on Sunday when we go to pick them up. Lots to think about!

You might remember me telling you that I was visiting the Emma Bridgewater factory at the end of April. I decorated a half pint mug there in my favourite theme! It arrived a few weeks ago after being glazed and I'm so pleased with how it turned out. I forgot to add some mickeys around the rim how I did at the base, but it's not bad for my first attempt!

I have some exciting things cut out ready to sew up (already) which I can't wait to show you! All will be revealed in my next installment.

Well I think that's it for now. Thanks for reading!


Book accommodation CHECK! 
Purchase Ultimate tickets CHECK! 
Book memory maker CHECK! 
Request bunk beds in the room CHECK! 
Link to MDE – CHECK! 
Renew Oliver and Amelia's passports
Book Flights
Book airport hotel
Book ADR's (5th April 2017)
Book MNSSHP tickets
Book Fast Pass+ (3rd August 2017)
Book travel insurance
Book Magical Express

From: Fourth Family Floriday October 2017 Pre-Trippy - Page 2 - theDIBB

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